log archiver for pypi cdn logs

pip install pypi-cdn-log-archiver==0.1.9


PyPI CDN Log Archiver

  1. Get raw logs from S3 like object store, written by the cdn
  2. Archive and compress them
  3. Upload archive back to S3 like object store, in a sane structure
  4. Remove raw logs that were archived


You'll need to export some env variables to get started:

$ export ACCESS_KEY=<your_access_key>
$ export SECRET_KEY=<your_access_key>
$ export PYPI_LOG_BUCKET=<bucket_name>
$ export S3_HOST=<s3_like_host> (e.g.,

Optionally you can set the date to archive like so:

$ export PYPI_LOG_DATE=2014-02-11

You can enable some debug output with:

$ export DEBUG=10

If you don't set PYPI_LOG_DATE, the script will default to looking for yesterdays date.

Now you should be able to run it:

$ python
112373 bytes written to testpypi-cdn-logs/archive/2014/2