Pyramid web framework session factory backed by Redis

pyramid session redis
pip install pyramid_redis_sessions==1.0.1



pyramid_redis_sessions is a server-side session library for the Pyramid Web Application Development Framework, using Redis for storage. This library implements the Pyramid ISession interface.

Why Use Redis for Your Sessions

Redis is fast, widely deployed, and stable. It works best when your data can fit in memory, but is configurable and still quite fast when you need to sync to disk. There are plenty of existing benchmarks, opinion pieces, and articles if you want to learn about its use cases. But for pyramid_redis_sessions, I'm interested in it specifically for these reasons:

  • it really is bleeping fast (choose your own expletive)
  • it has a very handy built-in mechanism for setting expirations on keys
  • the watch mechanism is a nice, lightweight alternative to full transactions
  • session data tends to be important but not mission critical, but if it is...
  • it has configurable persistence


To get up and running as fast as possible, check out the Getting Started guide.

You can also read the full documentation on Read the Docs.


You can report bugs or open feature/support requests in the GitHub issue tracker.

You can also get live help in #pyramid on My nick is erasmas, but if I'm not available you can still typically get support from the many other knowledgeable regulars.


pyramid_redis_sessions is available under a FreeBSD-derived license. See LICENSE.txt for details.