Pythonic aircrack-ng bindings

security-audit, wireless
pip install pyrcrack==1.2.6


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Python aircrack-ng bindings

PyrCrack is a Python API exposing a common aircrack-ng API. As AircrackNg will run in background processes, and produce parseable output both in files and stdout, the most pythonical approach are context managers, cleaning up after

This library exports a basic aircrack-ng API aiming to keep always a small readable codebase.

This has led to a simple library that executes each of the aircrack-ng's suite commands and auto-detects its usage instructions. Based on that, it dinamically builds classes inheriting that usage as docstring and a run() method that accepts keyword parameters and arguments, and checks them BEFORE trying to run them.

Some classes expose themselves as async iterators, as airodump-ng's wich returns access points with its associated clients.


The documentation is made with Material for MkDocs and is hosted by GitHub Pages.


Be sure to check the python notebook example

You can have also have a look at the examples/ folder for some usage examples, such as the basic "scan for targets", that will list available interfaces, let you choose one, put it in monitor mode, and scan for targets updating results each 2 seconds.

import asyncio

import pyrcrack

from rich.console import Console
from rich.prompt import Prompt

async def scan_for_targets():
    """Scan for targets, return json."""
    console = Console()
    airmon = pyrcrack.AirmonNg()

    interface = Prompt.ask(
	'Select an interface',
	choices=[a['interface'] for a in await airmon.interfaces])

    async with airmon(interface) as mon:
	async with pyrcrack.AirodumpNg() as pdump:
	    async for result in pdump(mon.monitor_interface):
		await asyncio.sleep(2)

This snippet of code will produce the following results:





Pyrcrack is distributed under the terms of the GPL2+ license.