Some Ruby for your Python

pip install pyruby==1.0.0


PyRuby - Some Ruby for your Python!

PyRuby is a simple way to leverage the power of Ruby to make your Python code more readable and beautiful.

Please note that PyRuby is still in early stage of development. Use it at your own risk.


  • Full Ruby 1.9 compatibility
  • Pure Python, no native libraries required
  • Small footprint


The easiest way to download and install PyRuby is via PyPI:

$ pip install pyruby

Follow these instructions to install Pip if you don't have it already.


All you have to do is import the ruby module:

import ruby

From now on you should be able to write Ruby code within a regular Python module. An example:

1.upto(10) { |n| puts n }

Mixing Python and Ruby code in the same module

After importing the ruby module you might want to restore the default behavior.

To do that, just import the python module and you're done:

import ruby

def ruby_add(a, b)
  a + b

import python

def python_add(a, b):
  return ruby_add(a, b)

print python_add(3, 4) // -> 7

As you could see, it's even possible to seamlessly call Ruby code from Python and vice-versa.