Automatically save python interpreter session code to a file or secret Gist

gist, ipython, python, terminal
pip install pysession==0.2



Automatically save python interpreter code to a file or secret Gist. You can turn this off for any session. Helpful when you want to share a piece of code you just hacked on the shell or wanted to save it in a file for use later.

Tested with IPython, Python2 & Python3 default shells.

Pysession demo

Installation steps

pip install pysession
echo 'export PYTHONSTARTUP=$HOME/.pysession/' >> ~/.bashrc

If you are using zsh replace .bashrc in the above line with .zshrc and similarly for any other shell. On macOS, you should append this to ~/.bash_profile

How to use

By default, Pysession will record each shell run and save to a Gist. However it can be instructed to turn off recording or save to a file locally instead of GitHub.

To turn off saving for a session

Alternatively, to persist your choice of not saving sessions for some extended period of time, set an environment variable PYSESSION_SAVE_OFF to True. export PYSESSION_SAVE_OFF=True

To turn back on saving for a session
>>> PySession.on()
To save to a local file instead of Gist
>>> PySession.local()

To always save your sessions to local file, set an environment variable PYSESSION_SAVE_LOCALLY to True. export PYSESSION_SAVE_LOCALLY=True

The file is saved with a name You can change this by setting the environment variable PYSESSION_FILENAME to your desired filename. export