A python package for your sinric alexa skill

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pip install pysinric==0.0.1



Welcome to Sinric

Sinric helps you to integrate your existing devices (such as RaspberryPi, ESP8226, ESP32 or Arduino) with Amazon Alexa or Google Home for FREE!

How to use : Alexa

  1. Register for an account ( if you do not have one (Use Chrome, FireFox)

  2. Login and create a smart home device (Dashboard -> Add smart home device)

  3. Copy your API Key from dashboard

  4. Connect to Sinric IOT server. For an example use switch

  5. Change the Arduino Sketch. Replace the API Key, Wifi SSID and Password

  6. Install Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill

If you cannot link the Skill, check

  1. Discover for new devices.

How to use : Google Home

  1. Buy Me a Beer!


Or support me by buying a IRDevKit to turn on or off your TV or air conditioner via Amazon Alexa

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Litecoin: LUCY9BBoX6uFXh8mHMmK3qdXQPwMVVVCfx

Supporting Libraries:

Python library by Dhanush Dazz

Boris Jäger has created an "easy to use" library for connecting your devices to

Node-Red module by Mayank

Domoticz support by gizmocuz