A wrapper of the International Astronomical Union's SOFA lbrary.

pip install pysofa2==


pysofa2 is a module for using International Astronomical Union's (http://www.iau.org/) SOFA library (http://www.iausofa.org/) in python. It is inspired by original pysofa implementation of Frederic Grollier. It extends the original pysofa module by distributing and building the SOFA C library with the package, eliminiting the need for the end-user to build the libraries separaetly from the package installtion.

Like pysofa, pysofa2 is not a port of SOFA routines but a wrapper around the SOFA C library. Thus, no calculations are made into the pysofa software, they are all delegated to the underlying SOFA_C library.

pysofa2 not endorsed by the International Astronomical Union. In addition to pysofa2's MIT license, any use of this module should comply with SOFA's license and terms of use. Especially, but not exclusively, any published work or commercial products which includes results achieved by using pysofa shall acknowledge that the SOFA software was used in obtaining those results.