Static Website Generator

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pip install pystatic==0.1.22


Static Website Generator

Generates static websites using Django's Templating Engine
You can make use of variables, template inheritance and filters
which greatly speed up development and facilitate maintenance.
Has a simple server for local development.

To install

    pip install pystatic

How to use

Note: Command arguments between <> are optional.

Start a project with the default project structure. This structure is not to be changed.

    pystatic init

Start a server to preview your project. The server will auto-reload changes and run at http://localhost:12321 by default.

    pystatic server

Build your project from the templates variables and data, once.

    pystatic build

The directory structure is not to be changed. All variables present in conf/vars.yaml will be available for templating.
There's currently no other data store.