A mini dashboard to help find slow tests in pytest.

pip install pytest-duration-insights==0.1.1


Pytest Duration Insights

This python package offers a small dashboard that helps you investigate long running pytest runs. It's built on top of the report that is generated by pytest-reportlog.


We're hosting a demo on GitHub pages. You can view it here. There's also an educational video announcement on found here.


1. Install.

pip install pytest-reportlog pytest-duration-insights

2. Make a report.

pytest --report-log reportlog.jsonl

3. Explore!

pytest-duration-insights explore reportlog.jsonl

This will start up a service that tries to help you find areas in your testing code base that are worth investigating.


We're only scratching the surface of what the reportlog.jsonl file gives us. We might, for example, also explore how long it takes to setup/teardown tests. Feedback is appreciated, especially if somebody has a keen insight that has helped in the past.

That said, this project is very much an experiment as well. See it as a thing you could try rather than a best practice.