Select tests of a given level or lower

pip install pytest-level==0.1.3



Mark test cases with a level, then de-select tests with a given level or higher.

When giving a teaching/practice assignment with pre-written tests, either all tests can be given at once (leaving students overwhelmed and unsure which failures should be fixed next), or piece-wise (in individual files -- which becomes a mess for larger projects).

With this plugin, tests for a teaching/practice assignment can be given in a single file. Students are then told to run with --level 1, fix the few red tests, then go to --level 2, etc. Unlike with keywords, all the lower-level tests will still be run: --level 2 will run both level(1) and level(2) tests.


In a Python environment (e.g. venv), do:

python -m pip install pytest-level


Mark tests with a numeric level marker:

def test_basic_math():
    assert 1 + 1 == 2

def test_intermediate_math():
    assert 10 / 2 == 5

def test_complicated_math():
    assert 10 ** 3 == 1000

Then, run pytest with --level:

python -m pytest --level 2

This will deselect tests of a higher level.

Without --level, all tests are run.


The code is available under a MIT license. May it serve you well.