nginx fixture for pytest

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pip install pytest-nginx==1.1



pytest-nginx is a pytest plugin, that allows you to test code, which requires communicating with a full-fledged web server. Custom fixtures can be made which manage the content of the server root directory.


The plugin contains one fixture:

  • nginx_proc - session scoped fixture, which manages the nginx daemon with the most basic configuration for serving static files.
  • nginx_php_proc - session scoped fixture, which manages the nginx daemon and the php-fpm daemon, both configured to work together.

All fixtures take the name of a fixture managing the server root directory. In the simplest case it is an empty temporary directory managed with the tmpdir_factory built-in fixture:

from pytest_nginx import factories

def nginx_server_root(tmpdir_factory):
    return tmpdir_factory.mktemp("nginx-server-root")

nginx_proc = factories.nginx_proc("nginx_server_root")

To manage the served content, you can create additional module or function-scoped fixtures on top of nginx_proc:

def nginx_hello_world(nginx_proc):
    f = open(os.path.join(nginx_proc.server_root, "index.html"), "w")
    f.write("Hello world! This is pytest-nginx serving on host {}, port {}."
            .format(, nginx_proc.port))
    return nginx_proc


You can define your settings in three ways: with fixture factory arguments, with command line options and with pytest.ini configuration options. These settings are handled in the following order:

  1. Fixture factory arguments
  2. Command line options
  3. pytest.ini configuration options
Fixture factory argument Command line option pytest.ini option Default
host --nginx-host nginx_host
port --nginx-port nginx_port random
nginx_exec --nginx-exec nginx_exec nginx
nginx_params --nginx-params nginx_params ""
nginx_config_template --nginx-config-template nginx_config_template auto-generated
php_fpm_exec --php-fpm-exec php_fpm_exec php-fpm
php_fpm_params --php-fpm-params php_fpm_params ""
php_fpm_config_template --php-fpm-config-template php_fpm_config_template auto-generated

Examples showing how to specify the port number:

  • Pass it as an argument to the factory function:

    nginx_proc = factories.nginx_proc(port=8888)
  • Use the --nginx-port command line option when running pytest:

    pytest ./tests --nginx-port=8888
  • Add the nginx_port option to the pytest.ini file:

    nginx_port = 8888