Slice in your test base thanks to powerful markers.

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pip install pytest-pilot==0.1.0



Slice in your test base thanks to powerful markers

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This is the readme for developers. The documentation for users is available here:

Want to contribute ?

Contributions are welcome ! Simply fork this project on github, commit your contributions, and create pull requests.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of interesting open topics:

Requirements for builds

Install requirements for setup beforehand using

pip install -r ci_tools/requirements-pip.txt

Running the tests

This project uses pytest.

pytest -v pytest_pilot/tests/


This project uses setuptools_scm to synchronise the version number. Therefore the following command should be used for development snapshots as well as official releases:

python egg_info bdist_wheel rotate -m.whl -k3

Generating the documentation page

This project uses mkdocs to generate its documentation page. Therefore building a local copy of the doc page may be done using:

mkdocs build -f docs/mkdocs.yml

Generating the test reports

The following commands generate the html test report and the associated badge.

pytest --junitxml=junit.xml -v pytest_pilot/tests/
ant -f ci_tools/generate-junit-html.xml
python ci_tools/

PyPI Releasing memo

This project is now automatically deployed to PyPI when a tag is created. Anyway, for manual deployment we can use:

twine upload dist/* -r pypitest
twine upload dist/*