text extractor from images

pip install pytextractor==1.0.0



python ocr using tesseract/ with EAST opencv text detector

Uses the EAST opencv detector defined here with pytesseract to extract text(default) or numbers from images.

Usage main

usage: [-h] [--east EAST] [-c CONFIDENCE] [-w WIDTH]
                         [-e HEIGHT] [-d] [-n] [-p PERCENTAGE] [-b MIN_BOXES]
                         [-i MAX_ITERATIONS]
                         images [images ...]

Text/Number extractor from image

positional arguments:
  images                path(s) to input image(s)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --east EAST           path to input EAST text detector
  -c CONFIDENCE, --confidence CONFIDENCE
                        minimum probability required to inspect a region
  -w WIDTH, --width WIDTH
                        resized image width (should be multiple of 32)
  -e HEIGHT, --height HEIGHT
                        resized image height (should be multiple of 32)
  -d, --display         Display bounding boxes
  -n, --numbers         Detect only numbers
  -p PERCENTAGE, --percentage PERCENTAGE
                        Expand/shrink detected bound box
  -b MIN_BOXES, --min-boxes MIN_BOXES
                        minimum number of detected boxes to return
  -i MAX_ITERATIONS, --max-iterations MAX_ITERATIONS
                        max number of iterations finding min_boxes

Usage lib

from pytextractor import pytextractor

extractor = pytextractor.PyTextractor()

Running tests

pip install .[dev]
pytest -s tests
  • make sure tesseract is installed *
brew | apt-get install tesseract