python extension for applescript

pip install python-applescript==0.1


python-applescript 0.1
by Olivier Hervieu <>.

The goal of this project is to provide a very small library that is able to 
launch applescript scripts.

This work is based on the perl module MAC::Applescript written by Dan Sugalski
<>, many thanks to him.

The module implements one method called 'launch_script'. This method takes
one parameters : the script as a string.
It returns the output of the executed script as a string.

If the script contains errors, it raises an applescript.AppleScriptError 
exception. See examples directory to see how it works.

This software is licensed by the MIT License (see LICENSE), except for,
that is a part of setuptools, licenced under ZPL (Zope Public Licence).

Please report all bugs and ask your questions at <>.