A wrapper for the launchlibrary.net API

python, wrapper
pip install python-launch-library==2.0.3



A simple python wrapper for the Launch Library web API. Can also be used asynchronously too.

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Important: New projects should NOT use this library. Instead, generate client stubs from the OpenAPI definitions using openapi-generator.

Available models: Agency, Launch, Pad, Location, Rocket

The usage of the API is simple.


Proper documentation is available in Read The Docs.

To install, simply use pip: pip install python-launch-library

# First, import the library
import launchlibrary as ll

# Then, initialize an API object
api = ll.Api()

# And fetch whichever models you'd like.

# Either by an explicit API call
next_5_go_launches = api.fetch_launch(next=5, status=1)

# Or by one of the simpler methods available for some models.
next_5_go_launches = api.next_launches(5)

# Now, you can utilize whatever data you'd like. Data from the API is processed recursively, so if a Launch object
# contains a Location object, you'll have models for both.
launch_loc = next_5_go_launches[0].location

# Some properties, like status, are only represented by ID. You can call the appropriate methods to get a proper object from that ID
launch_status = next_5_go_launches[0].get_status()

# It's now possible to also use the regular API names as well as pythonic names.
vid_urls = next_5_go_launches[0].vid_urls
vid_urls_2 = next_5_go_launches[0].vidURLs


Since version 1.0.1, the library is versioned according to semantic versioning rules.

Important: New projects should NOT use this library. Instead, use the OpenAPI definitions provided in https://ll.thespacedevs.com/2.0.0/swagger

  • 2.0.0 - Update to LL2, aka https://thespacedevs.com/llapi. There are some data changes, so this is a breaking change.

    This is a quickly hacked together attempt to add some compatibility to LL2 for current users, as there's no point in spending time creating a wrapper when OpenAPI definitions exist.

    Breaking Changes:

    • The AgencyType, LaunchStatus, and RocketFamily models have been eliminated.
    • All instances, except in Launch of info_urls have been changed to info_url (this is compliant with the new API).
    • Many parameters might be unavailable as many names were changed.
    • Modelizations might not work as well as many names were changed.
  • 1.0.3, 1.0.4, 1.0.5, 1.0.6 - Fixed some bugs in the async variant

  • 1.0.2 - Added an exception hierarchy. All exceptions now inherit from LlException

  • 1.0.1 - Improved caching.

  • 1.0 - Changed all fetch calls to be through the Api object. This is a breaking change.

    # Porting guide
    import launchlibrary as ll
    api = ll.Api()
    # Before
    next_launch = ll.Launch.next(api, 1)
    # After
    next_launch = api.next_launches(1)


  • Tidy up the repository
  • Add exceptions to handle server timeout
  • Handle nested models (i.e. a Pad model inside a Location model inside a Launch model)
  • Handle times with the datetime class
  • Package properly and upload to PyPI
  • Add more abstraction methods for the api calls (open to suggestions)
  • Add magic method comparisons (open to suggestions)
  • Asynchronous operation
  • Add aliases for actual API names with getattr
  • Add tests
  • Your suggestion here

Feel free to open issues and pull requests! I usually check Github daily.