Qt widgets for the Open Science Framework

pip install python-qosf==1.3.1


Install with conda Anaconda cloud

Open Science Framework - Python API toolkit

This repository should contain everything you need to start off with connecting your python application to the Open Science Framework ( It offers python functions that translate to Open Science Framework API endpoints, and also a set of PyQt widgets (should work with both pyqt4 and pyqt5 thanks to qtpy) that are designed to display and interact with information obtained through the OSF API.




The QOpenScienceFramework module is available in the Anaconda Python distribution and can be installed from the cogsci channel on To add cogsci to your list of channels to track and be assured of future updates, issue the command

conda config --add channels cogsci

You can then install the QOpenScienceFramework module and all its dependencies with the single command

conda install python-qosf


It is also possible to install the module using pip

pip install python-qosf

This should also install the dependencies this project depends on (except pyqt)

Manual installation

You can of course also instal the module from source by using the supplied script but then you also have to manually install all modules that QOpenScienceFramework depends on.

Clone this repository by issuing

git clone

and then run

python install

Make sure you have the following modules available (all should be easy to get with anaconda and/or pip)


If you have all above modules installed, you should be able to perform a test run with


This should load and display all widgets that can be used.


Documentation can be found at