A quote provider package

pip install python-test-pip==0.1



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This is a API in python3 to get quotes.


Phase 1

The idea is to use scrap the quotes from various websites (BrainyQuote,quoteload). We will use beautifulsoup4 for this.
To get started with this you can watch a small tutorial here.
Functionalities to be supported are:

  • Get quotes from particular topic, categories.
  • Get quotes from particular person.

Phase 2

Convert this into a pip package.

Phase 3

Use what we have built till now to make a twitter bot which will tweet quotes everyday.

Contribution Guidelines

We would love contributions from everyone. Some general guidelines are:

  • Write neat code with proper comments.
  • Follow PEP8 coding style.
  • Write tests wherever necessary.
  • Write descriptive commit messages.
  • It is recommended to have a single commit for a task.
  • Please see that all the tests are passing before asking for a review on a PR.

For any more information contact akshatkarani


Please refer to the licence