Python3-based http.server supporting Basic AUTH and HTTPS; it's SimpleHTTPServer with python3 facial hair!

auth, https, python3, python3httpsauthserver, simplehttpauthserver, simplehttpserver
pip install python3HTTPSAuthServer==0.1.1



It's SimpleHTTPServer, with python3 facial hair! Supports:

  • HTTP Basic AUTH [username:pass]
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Self-generates self-signed certificate, or you can bring your own

usage: [-h] [-i IP] [-p PORT] [-a AUTH] [-s] [-c CERT] [-k PRIVATEKEY]

Python HTTPS Auth Server

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-i IP, --ip IP Bind IP (Default all interfaces
-p PORT, --port PORT Bind port, default 8443
-a AUTH, --auth AUTH HTTP BASIC auth [username:password]
-s, --https Use HTTPS
-c CERT, --cert CERT If you brought your own CERT, then by all means... [fullpath]
-k PRIVATEKEY, --privatekey PRIVATEKEY If you brought your own PRIVATE_KEY, then by all means... [fullpath]

Install using pip3:

sudo python3 -m pip install python3HTTPSAuthServer

Run the familiar way

python3 -m python3HTTPSAuthServer

Get Help

python3 -m python3HTTPSAuthServer -h

HTTPS via JIT self-signed certificate and HTTP Basic AUTH, port 443:

python3 -m python3HTTPSAuthServer -https -auth 'benzo:qu4rantyne!' -i -p 443