High-level bindings to the Valhalla C++ library

openstreetmap, osm, python-bindings, routing, valhalla
pip install pyvalhalla==3.0.3


Valhalla for Python

Master Push

This spin-off project simply offers packaged Python bindings to the fantastic Valhalla project.

Over time we will very likely deviate from Valhalla's own Python binding code to allow usages outside the scope of the core project. Refer to our release pattern to learn more about the versioning of this project.

Note, the performance boost using these bindings compared to requesting an HTTP service is tremendous: on 500 random routes in Berlin, the bindings take 27 secs while HTTP on localhost takes 127 secs.


pypi version

We distribute all currently maintained CPython versions as binary wheels for Win64, MacOS (Intel) and x86_64 Linux distributions with glibc>=2.28. We do not offer a source distribution on PyPI. Please contact us on if you need support building the bindings for your platform/distribution.

pip install pyvalhalla

Note, to install from PyPI as a Linux user you must have pip version 20.3 or greater installed.


Find a more extended notebook in ./examples, e.g. how to use the actor.

Before using the Python bindings you need to have access to a routable Valhalla graph. Either install Valhalla from source and built the graph from OSM compatible data or use our Valhalla docker image for a painless experience, e.g. this will build the routing graph for Andorra in ./custom_files:

docker run --rm --name valhalla_gis-ops -p 8002:8002 -v $PWD/custom_files:/custom_files -e tile_urls= gisops/valhalla:latest

Once you have created a graph locally, you can use it like this:

from valhalla import Actor, get_config, get_help

# generate configuration
config = get_config(tile_extract='./custom_files/valhalla_tiles.tar', verbose=True)

# print the help for specific config items (has the same structure as the output of get_config()

# instantiate Actor to load graph and call actions
actor = Actor(config)
route = actor.route({"locations": [...]})


pyvalhalla is licensed with GPLv2, see LICENSE.