Python RS232 API for Monoprice/Xantech/Dayton Audio multi-zone amps

pip install pyxantech==0.5.20


Python RS232 API for Xantech/Monoprice multi-zone amps

Library for RS232 serial communication to Xantech, Monoprice and Dayton Audio multi-zone amps. This supports any serial protocol for communicating with the amps, including DB9/DB15 RS232 ports, USB serial ports, and possibly the RS232-over-IP interface for more recent Xantech amps. See below for exactly which amplifier models are supported.

GOAL: To eventually merge this with pymonoprice and get rid of a separate implementation.

The Monoprice version was originally created by Egor Tsinko for use with Home-Assistant.

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For Monoprice and Dayton Audio 6-zone amplifiers:

from pyxantech import get_amp_controller

zone = 11 # (11 = amp 1/destination 1)
amp = get_amp_controller('monoprice6', '/dev/ttyUSB0')

# Turn off zone 
amp.set_power(zone, False)

# Mute zone
amp.set_mute(zone, True)

# Set volume for zone
amp.set_volume(zone, 15)

# Set source 1 for zone
amp.set_source(zone, 1)

For Xantech 8-zone amplifiers:

from pyxantech import get_amp_controller

zone = 12
amp = get_amp_controller('xantech8', '/dev/ttyUSB0')

amp.set_source(zone, 3) # select source 3

See also for a more complete example.

Usage with asyncio

With the asyncio flavor, all methods of the controller objects are coroutines:

import asyncio
from pyxantech import async_get_amp_controller

async def main(loop):
    amp = await async)get_amp_controller('monoprice6', '/dev/ttyUSB0', loop)
    zone_status = await amp.zone_status(11)
    if zone_status.power:
        await amp.set_power(, False)

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

Supported Multi-Zone Amps

Manufacturer Model(s) Zones Supported Series Notes
Xantech MRAUDIO8X8 / MRAUDIO8X8m 6+2 YES xantech8 audio only; zones 7-8 are preamp outputs only
MX88a / MX88ai 8 YES xantech8 audio only; ai = Ethernet support (MRIP)
MRC88 / MRC88m 6+2 YES xantech8 audio + video; zones 7-8 are preamp outputs only
MX88 / MX88vi 8 YES xantech8 audio + video; vi = Ethernet support (MRIP)
CM8X8 / CM8X8DR 8 UNTESTED xantech8 commercial rack mount matrix controller (BNC)
ZPR68-10 6 UNTESTED zpr68-10 6-zone output; 8 source inputs
MRAUDIO4X4 / BXAUDIO4x4 4 NO N/A audio only; only supports IR control
MRC44 / MRC44CTL 4 NO N/A audio + video; only supprots IR control
Monoprice MPR-SG6Z / 10761 6 UNTESTED monoprice6 audio only
Dayton Audio DAX66 6 UNTESTED monoprice6 audio only
  • The Monoprice MPR-SG6Z and Dayton Audio DAX66 appear to have licensed or copied the serial interface from Xantech. Both Monoprice and Dayton Audio use a version of the Xantech multi-zone controller protocol.

  • Some Xantech MX88 models use DB15 outputs on the rear, requiring a DB15 to DB9 adapter cable (PN 05913665), with the pinouts documented in some Xantech manuals. These Xantech models have a DB9 RS232 port on the front which can also be used.

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