Python package for interacting with the Fortran QDYN library and tools

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pip install qdyn==0.4.0


The QDYN Python Package

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The QDYN Python Package provides a collection of utilities to augment the QDYN Fortran library for quantum dynamics and control, developed in the Koch group at the University of Kassel

See the full documentation for details.


Assuming that you have either a scientific Python distribution installed in your home directory (recommended), or created and activated a virtual environment, you can install the latest official release of the QDYN package with

pip install QDYN

Lastly, to install the latest master from the github repository:

pip install -I git+

To uninstall, run

pip uninstall QDYN

Note that a "manual" installation via python install from a checkout of the source code is not recommended, as it provides no possibility for an automatic uninstall. When installing from a local checkout, you may use make install or make develop.

It is strongly recommended to use the Anaconda Python distribution.


Development of the QDYN package follows the git-flow branching model with the default settings. After cloning the repository, you must run

git checkout master
git checkout develop
git flow init -d

The first two commands are essential for ensuring that both the master and develop branch exist and are tracking their respective branch in origin. Otherwise, git flow init will fail, or produce incorrectly set up branches. All pull requests must be against the develop branch.


From a checkout of the library source code, execute

make test

to run the automated tests.