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pip install qpage==2.0





QPage or QuickPage is a Free Project For Creating Academic Homepage Without Any Code We developed QPage on Windows but it also run in Linux and Mac-OSX. QPage is written in Python3, in order to run it, you will need a python interpereter.

qpage blockdigram

Block Diagram


  • Download And Install Last Version Of Python ( * or use exe folder and skip this step * )

  • Requirements Status


Source Code



QPage animation

Soure Code

QPage animation


- Run setup (for the first use wait to create folders)
  • You can download samples and run in test mode (*Optional)

  • Put your profile picture in image folder (jpg , bmp , tiff , gif , png)

  • Put each page details in a text file with page name in doc folder (* In this step you can use [M] , [S] or [L] at the start and [center] at the end of each line to control font size and alignment )

  • Put your resume file (pdf format) in doc folder

  • Put your font file in font folder (*Optional)

  • Put your icon file in image folder (*Optional) suggested site

  • Enter your name

  • Choose your profile image size

  • Choose your text and background color

  • You can preview your webpage

  • Finished!!! Now you can go and upload output folder contains directly in your host

Automated Build

Linux Windows

Sample Sites


Issues & Bug Reports

Just fill an issue and describe it. I'll check it ASAP! or send an email to report@qpage.ir.


  • Items
    • Font
    • Icon
    • In-Text Link
    • In-Text Pic
  • Meta-Tags
  • Inline Markup
  • GUI
  • FTP-Uploader
  • Template Gen
  • Javascript
  • Mobile View


You can fork the repository, improve or fix some part of it and then send the pull requests back if you want to see them here. I really appreciate that. ❤️

Remember to write a few tests for your code before sending pull requests.

Similar Works

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  • Jekyll Transform plain text into static websites and blogs.
  • Hugo A Fast and Modern Static Web Engine
  • Jemdoc Light text markup for creating websites



If you use QPage for your project homepage or something like this , please cite this ;-)

Sepand Haghighi, & Mohammad Mahdi Rahimi. (2017, January 31). QPage - Free Project For Creating Academic Homepage Without Any Code. Zenodo. doi:10.5281/zenodo.265544

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