Modern and customizable sticky note application

sticky note text editor note-taking
pip install qtpad==1.0.0



  • Modern and highly customizable sticky note application
  • Written in Python 3 and Qt 5


  • Customizable actions for widgets events; startup, tray icon, bottom note border, titlebar
  • Customizable default style for all new notes, style for specific notes and style presets
  • Customizable hotkeys and context menus
  • Notes saved in plain text and organized by folder structure
  • Detection of image content/path from clipboard
  • Handy text actions boundable to hotkeys; indent, sort, set case, line shift and more
  • Auto save and load on focus events
  • Search and replace GUI


Customizable style presets

alt tag alt tag

Preferences GUI

alt tag

alt tag

alt tag

alt tag

alt tag

Profile GUI

alt tag

Folder organization

alt tag

Search GUI

alt tag

Command line interface

  • All the actions listed in the preferences dialog can be called from command, by using flags -a or --action
    • ie. qtpad -a "new note"


  • Arch Linux: install 'qtpad-git' from the AUR

  • Debian/Ubuntu:

    • sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools python3-pip
    • sudo pip3 install qtpad
  • Windows:

    • Install the lastest version of Python, along with the PyPi utility (pip)
    • Open the command prompt (cmd.exe) with administrator privileges
    • Type 'python -m pip install pyqt5 requests'
    • Clone the repository and extract the qtpad folder
    • Create a shortcut to run the script manually with 'python your_installation_path/qtpad/'


qtPad is developed on Openbox. Altough not tested as often, it should also work on other platforms:

  • Linux: Openbox, MATE, Cinnamon, XFCE, Deepin, KDE Plasma 5
  • Microsoft: Windows 7

Known bugs:

  • Current font family is not loaded in style dialog font combo box
  • Wrong position of the tray icon context menu in KDE

Please report all issues on Gitlab :)