A simple package to interact with the Qualtrics API

Qualtrics, API, surveys, survey
pip install qualtrutils==0.1.5


QualtrUtils - A package to create questions from templates with Qualtrics (v3) API

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This package allows the creation of questions based on an existing template (i.e., a question created with the Qualtrics interface. The operations that this package supports are:

  • Creating block
  • Copying an existing question
  • Replacing keywords
  • Changing multiple choice answers
  • Changing the initial position of the slider
  • Changing a question JS code


Using PIP:

pip install qualtrutils

Using CONDA:

conda install -c emanuele-albini qualtrutils

For developers

To use the package in editable mode use instead the following.

git clone https://github.com/emanuele-albini/qualtrutils.git
pip install --editable qualtrutils

Configuration (optional)

Global configuration is in ~\.qualtrutils\qualtrics.toml. Example:

API_URL = "https://yourdatacenter.qualtrics.com/API/v3/"
API_TOKEN = "your_token"

The configuration saved in ~\.qualtrutils\qualtrics.toml will be used as default in QualtricsSurvey constructor.

This configuration it's optional, the settigs can be directly passed to QualtricsSurvey at runtime.

Usage example

from qualtrutils import QualtricsSurvey

survey = QualtricsSurvey()

# Get a question from an existing survey
question = survey.get_question_by_name('QuestionName', 'MyNewQuestion')

# The following will replace (using regex) all the occurences
# of 'SOMETHING' in the question text and multiples choice answers (if any)
question.text_sub('SOMETHING', 'SOMETHING_ELSE')

# The following will set the multiple choice answers
question.set_choices(['First Answer', 'Second Answer', 'Third Answer'])

# The flowwing will set the Javascript code of the question
question.set_js('var hello = 1;')

# Add this new question to the survey in a block called 'Block A'
# If the block does not exists it will be created
survey.create_question(question, 'Block A')


See here for the complete documentation with all the functionalities.