Rebuild your Quay.io repositories when base image changes

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pip install quaycon==0.0.1



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QuayCon allows you to rebuild your Quay.io repositories when base image changes. It aims to provide 3 elements:

  • a quaycon command line tool.
  • a python package providing an API. As of now, API is in alpha state and may heavily change in the future.
  • In a near future, source code of a website that prevent you from triggering rebuild manually.


Static binaries for MacOS and Linux are available in the last release page

You can also install the QuayCon Python package:

$ pip install quaycon

Command Line Utility

Getting Started

  • Introspect your images and fill QuayCon configuration with this command

    quaycon discover {your_organization}

    A bearer token is asked in command line the first time this command is executed.

  • Now, when a new image is built, you can trigger build of dependant images with this command:

    quaycon touch quay.io/{your_organization}/{your_repository}[:tag]

    If tag is omitted, latest is assumed.

For additional information, please run the following commands:

  • quaycon --help command for general options
  • quaycon CMD --help to get details of a particular command


Use tox to run the tests-suite on every supported platforms:

# Install and load virtualenv
$ pip install virtualenv
$ virtualenv .env
$ . .env/bin/activate
# Install tox
$ pip install tox
# Run the test suites
$ tox


Pull-requests are welcome. You can also submit your issues to the issues tracker


QuayCon is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE file for full license text.