Filter output of pdflatex.

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pip install quietex==0.2.0



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Make your LaTeX build output just show the important stuff (see here for before and after screen recordings): Screenshot of LaTeX build output from a chapter of my thesis

QuieTeX is a minimal command-line tool which filters and colourizes the output of pdflatex in real-time. It is not a build tool, it does not do any clever summaries, it just makes it easier to read.


  • Hides open/close file logging
  • Colours errors red
  • Colours warnings yellow
  • TeX input prompt works in errorstopmode and scrollmode
  • latexmk integration


To install:

pip3 install quietex

To use:

quietex pdflatex test.tex

To use with latexmk, add this to your latexmkrc:

# Make output prettier
eval `quietex --latexmkrc`;


To install in editable mode:

pip3 install -e .

Use pre-commit to check and format changes before committing:

pip install pre-commit
pre-commit install



  • Show open-files stack before warnings and errors
  • Display page numbers in real-time, before the end of the line
  • Completions for TeX prompt
  • Syntax highlighting for TeX snippets
  • Configurable styles
  • Collapse multiple blank lines, maybe remove all blank lines between single-line warnings
  • Recognise multi-line warnings with (package name) continuations
  • Highlight "Output written on" message
  • Detect VS Code using $TERM_PROGRAM and disable colours, since it doesn't support them in the output window and doesn't distinguish between the output window and the terminal

The approach for colouring latexmk messages is inspired by this Stack Overflow answer. The way I've packaged latexmkrc is taken straight from mje-nz/pythontexfigures, my library for generating good-looking figures by integrating Python scripts into LaTeX documents.