Program for generate, create and deploy telegram bots readable way.

heroku, python-telegram-bot, ravegen, telegram, telegram-bot, telegram-bot-framework, telegram-bot-generator
pip install ravegen-dev==0.2.15


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RaveGen: Telegram bot generator

Program for generate, create and deploy telegram bots in a readable way. You do not need to know how the Telegram API works or how or where you are going to deploy the bot, you just have to worry about what the bot is going to reply.

RaveGen uses python-telegram-bot for connect with Telegram Bot API and you can deploy the bot on Heroku or Google App Engine



Depending on where you want to deploy the bot:

  • Heroku Cli:
$ sudo snap install heroku --classic

RaveGen installation

You can install RaveGen with:

$ sudo pip install ravegen --upgrade

OR clone this repository and run sudo make install

Create and deploy a bot in three steps!

Step 1

Get the Token from @BotFather. If you need help, you can read the Tutorial for Create a Telegram Bot in BotFather

Step 2

Run the follow command and paste the Token:

$ ravegen init -m

Step 3

Run this command and follow the indications:

$ ravegen deploy -d


Now find your bot on Telegram and try to tell it something.

Advanced usage

If you need help about the commands run:

$ ravegen help

Or if you want to know more see the RaveGen Wiki