Reactome, Python, and Neo4j

Explore biomolecular pathways in Reactome from the command-line or a Python script.

In addition to biomolecular pathways, Reactome contains expert-authored and peer-reviewed reactions, molecular complex ingredients and structure, and protein-protein interactions.

Reactome also provides links from pathways, reactions, and molecules to biological models, associated research papers, URLs, and books.

Use this Python3 library to:

  1. Run Reactome's Neo4j Tutorial from one of the Jupyter notebooks or a plain Python script

  2. Find enriched pathways from the command line, accessing Reactome's online Pathway Analysis Service

  3. Write your own Python scripts accessing the Reactome database through Neo4j


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Klopfenstein DV, Dampier W ReactomePy Zenodo | (2019) | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2634376

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