1-D reflectometry modeling

pip install refl1d==0.8.14



Refl1D is a program for analyzing 1D reflectometry measurements made with X-ray and neutron beamlines. The 1-D models give the depth profile for material scattering density composed of a mixture of flat and continuously varying freeform layers. With polarized neutron measurements, scientists can study the sub-surface structure of magnetic samples. The architecture supports the addition of specialized layer types such as models for the density distribution of polymer brushes, and volume space modeling for proteins in bio-membranes. We provide a number of these models as well as supporting user defined layer types for both structural and magnetic scattering densities.

Fitting is provided by Bumps, a bayesian uncertainty analysis program. In addition to the usual uncertain estimated from the covariance at the best fit location, Bumps includes a Markov chain Monte Carlo analysis code which more completely describes the uncertain and correlations between parameters. Fitting is done in parallel, either using python multiprocessing on a multicore machine, or using MPI for running on a cluster.

Documentation is available at https://refl1d.readthedocs.io. See CHANGES.rst for details on recent changes.

Use "pip install refl1d wxpython" to install in your python environment.

For the windows application, follow the installation instructions on the latest release page.

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