Package that enables easy command-line multithreaded rendering for Nuke.

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pip install renderthreads==0.3.5


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What is it ?

renderthreads is a Python package that enables per-frame easy command-line multithreaded rendering for the popular compositing application Nuke. You can find the documentation here.


  • Improve render speed Per-frame parallel command-line rendering made easy.
  • Safety fallback Jobs that terminated unsuccessfully are added back to the job list.
  • Monitor and adjust while rendering You can adjust several parameters during command-line rendering, like the number of cores or the verbosity.
  • Enable/disable jobs while rendering More flexible and fine grained than default divide and render approach due to task queue. You can disable the rest of the range of jobs during the rendering.
  • Easy Commandline management Adjust the command line via UI.

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