Provide factory to do request: http

request, factory, http
pip install request_factory==2


request_factory client

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This is for simplify the request management. Actually support :

  • http

Contributing to request_factory client

All contributions, bug reports, bug fixes, documentation improvements, enhancements and ideas are welcome.

Working with the code

Now that you have an issue you want to fix, enhancement to add, or documentation to improve, you need to learn how to work with GitHub. We use the Github Flow

Finally, commit your changes to your local repository with an explanatory message, request_factory client uses a convention for commit message prefixes. Here are some common prefixes along with general guidelines for when to use them:

  • ENH: Enhancement, new functionality
  • BUG: Bug fix
  • DOC: Additions/updates to documentation
  • TST: Additions/updates to tests
  • BLD: Updates to the build process/scripts
  • PERF: Performance improvement
  • CLN: Code cleanup
  • NOBUILD: special tag to skip test & build