This package allows for Single-Sign On HTTP Negotiate authentication using the requests library on Windows.

pip install requests-negotiate-sspi==0.5.2



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An implementation of HTTP Negotiate authentication for Requests. This module provides single-sign-on using Kerberos or NTLM using the Windows SSPI interface.

This module supports Extended Protection for Authentication (aka Channel Binding Hash), which makes it usable for services that require it, including Active Directory Federation Services.


import requests
from requests_negotiate_sspi import HttpNegotiateAuth

r = requests.get('', auth=HttpNegotiateAuth())


  • username: Username.
    Default: None

  • password: Password.
    Default: None

  • domain: NT Domain name.
    Default: '.' for local account.

  • service: Kerberos Service type for remote Service Principal Name.
    Default: 'HTTP'

  • host: Host name for Service Principal Name.
    Default: Extracted from request URI

  • delegate: Indicates that the user's credentials are to be delegated to the server. Default: False

If username and password are not specified, the user's default credentials are used. This allows for single-sign-on to domain resources if the user is currently logged on with a domain account.