A simple tool to resize and crop an image

image, scale, crop, resize
pip install rescale==0.2



A simple tool to resize and crop an image

rescale(image, size, mode=None)
  • image: a PIL image object
  • size: a 2-tuple (width, height); at least one must be specified
  • mode: CROP_TL or CROP_BR

If no height or no width is specified, the mode won't be taken into account, and the image will just be resized.

If both width and height are provided, and the mode is set top CROP_TL or CROP_BR, the image will be cropped to the given size using the given mode. Note that the crop is made after the image as been resized (well not exactly, but the result is the same) to preserve as much as possible the content of the image.

The resize is made so that the original ratio is preserved.

The CROP_TL mode will keep the top left or the image, while CROP_BR will keep the bottom right of it.