Python API for working with RESQML models

pip install resqpy==3.0.5


resqpy: Python API for working with RESQML models

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resqpy is a pure Python package which provides a programming interface (API) for reading, writing, and modifying reservoir models in the RESQML format. It gives you the ability to work with reservoir models programmatically, without having to know the details of the RESQML standard.

The package is written and maintained by bp, and is made available under the MIT license as a contribution to the open-source community.

resqpy was created by Andy Beer. For enquires about resqpy, please contact Nathan Lane (


See the complete package documentation on readthedocs.


RESQML™ is an industry initiative to provide open, non-proprietary data exchange standards for reservoir characterization, earth and reservoir models. It is governed by the Energistics consortium.

Resqpy provides specialized classes for a subset of the RESQML high level object classes, as described in the docs. Furthermore, not all variations of these object types are supported; for example, radial IJK grids are not yet catered for, although the RESQML standard does allow for such grids.

It is envisaged that the code base will be expanded to include other classes of object and more fully cover the options permitted by the RESQML standard.

Modification functionality at the moment focuses on changes to grid geometry.


Resqpy can be installed with pip:

pip install resqpy

Alternatively, to install your working copy of the code in "editable" mode:

pip install -e /path/to/repo/


Contributions of all forms are welcome and encouraged! Please feel free to open issues on the GitHub issue tracker, or submit Pull Requests. Instructions with how to set up your own development environment can be found at Development environment setup. Please read the Contributing Guide before submitting patches.