Allows for automatic serialization of Djongo fields w/ Django REST

mongodb djongo rest_framework rest apis fields
pip install rest-meets-djongo==0.0.12



This package enables default model serializers for models with Djongo fields to be generated, for use in Django-Rest-Framework apps


NOTE: This repo is currently under active development, and many of the features of the package may act in strange ways. Please report any issues to GitLab or GitHub as you find them

Similar to DRF ModelSerializers, creating serializers using DjongoModelSerializer allows for the following fields to be detected and automatically managed through DRF's serializer setup. These fields include:

  • ObjectIDField
  • EmbeddedModelField
  • ArrayModelField

The following are currently not fully functional, and as a result are not explicitly supported (yet):

  • ForeignKeyField (Reverse relations are not generated, even if specified, by Djongo)
  • ManyToManyField (Reverse relations are not generated, even if specified, by Djongo)
  • ArrayReferenceField (WIP)


pip install rest-meets-djongo


(Alternate version testing is currently underway; these are just the confirmed functional versions)

  1. Python 3.6 or higher
  2. MongoDB 4.0 or higher
  3. djangorestframework 3.9 or higher
  4. djongo 1.2 or higher