Python client for Rewind event store.

CQRS, event, sourcing, ZeroMQ
pip install rewind-client==0.3.0


Rewind Client

This is a Python client that talks to the Rewind event sourcing server.



rewind-client exists on PyPi. You can install it by issuing:

$ pip install rewind-client

Do NOTE, however, that this will install the client in global Python space. See documentation on virtualenv below on how to not do this.

Manual install

rewind-client uses basic setuptools. Installation can be used done as follows:

$ git clone
$ cd rewind-client
$ python install

However, NOTE that this will install Rewind client globally in your Python environment and is NOT recommended. Please refer to virtualenv on how to create a virtual environment.

Using the client



Getting started developing rewind-client is quite straightforward. The library uses setuptools and standard Python project layout for tests etcetera.

Checking out

To start developing you need to install the ZeroMQ library on your system beforehand.

This is how you check out the rewind-client library into a virtual environment:

cd <your development directory>
virtualenv --no-site-packages rewind-client
cd rewind-client
git clone http://<rewind GIT URL> src

Workin' the code

Every time you want to work on rewind-client you want to change directory into the source folder and activate the virtual environment scope (so that you don't touch the global Python environment):

cd src
source ../bin/activate

The first time you've checked the project out, you want to initialize development mode:

python develop

Runnin' them tests

Running the test suite is done by issuing:

python nosetests

. Nose is configured to automagically spit out test coverage information after the whole test suite has been executed.

As always, try to run the test suite before starting to mess with the code. That way you know nothing was broken beforehand.

The Rewind client central github repository also has Travis CI integration that can be accessed at!/JensRantil/rewind-client Every time a pull request is being made to, Travis CI will make a commend about whether the pull request breaks the test suite or not.

Helping out

Spelling mistakes, bad grammar, wire format improvements, test improvements and other feature additions are all welcome. Please issue pull requests or create an issue if you'd like to discuss it on Github.


This package has been developed by Jens Rantil <>. You can also reach me through snailmail at:

Jens Rantil
Lilla Södergatan 6A
22353 Lund