Robot Framework library for using Zeep.

pip install robotframework-zeeplibrary==0.9.2



Robot Framework library for using Zeep.


  • Python 2.7.15
  • Zeep 2.5.0

The code might work with other versions of Zeep; I simply haven't tested this. Also, it probably takes only minor tweaking to get it to work with Python 3. Currently I don't have the time nor intention to refactor the code to be compatible with both Python 2 and 3.


Currently supported features include:

  • Creating SOAP client instances from WSDL files/locations.
  • Switching between several simultaneously opened clients by alias
  • Calling SOAP operations with named parameters for easy building
  • Optionally the SOAP message can be obtained as string instead
  • Adding attachments
    • This will result in multipart HTTP requests being built and sent
    • XOP serialization is also allowed (somewhat similar to how SOAP UI handles it)
  • Logging of raw requests/responses


This library started out as a way of enabling the use of Zeep within Robot Framework for very specific problems I encountered, and slowly it is turning into something more mature. It's definitely not there yet though, and as I don't intend to put a lot of time into this project due to time limitations, contributions are highly appreciated.

Furthermore, my knowledge of SOAP is not anywhere near expert-level. Also, I'm sure I could've used a lot more functionality provided by Zeep if I had familiarized myself with the code more. Due to time limitations and commercially driven goals I did not study as much as I wanted to, which probably has resulted in several implementations to be of poor quality.

However, I'm fairly certain the code can still be useful to people and I'm willing to improve it. Its readability is really good I guess, so contributing should not be too hard :).


*** Variables ***
${SIGNATURE IMAGE}  ..${/}Images${/}Signature.jpg
${BANK WSDL}        ..${/}WSDLs${/}Bank.wsdl
${SSL CERT FILE}    ..${/}SSL Certs${/}Some certificate.cert
...  http=http://someproxy.local:8080
...  https=https://someproxy.local:8080

*** Test Cases ***
Example SOAP call
    Create client  ${BANK WSDL}  verify=${SSL CERT FILE}  proxies=${PROXIES}

    ${today}=  Get current date  result_format=datetime

    Add attachment  ${SIGNATURE IMAGE}
    ${attachment}=  Create object  ns1:AttachmentType
    ...  Nr=1
    ...  Filename=Signature.jpg
    ...  Contents=cid:Signature.jpg  # `base64Binary' field which will be optimized using XOP. The value of this `cid' property should correspond to the physical filename.
    ...  Type=Signature
    @{attachments}=  Create list  ${attachment}  # In this example, the attachments don't have some grouping `Attachments' parent, but the `AttachmentType' is a list.
    ${response}=  Call operation  GetAccountDetails  xop=${TRUE}
    ...  BankNr=1234
    ...  Attachments=${attachments}