Converter for rst to OpenOffice Impress

pip install rst2odp==0.3.1


rst2odp: rst to LibreOffice impress

This package contains a Python script (rst2odp) to convert reStructuredText to LibreOffice Impress (rst2odp). It also includes a general python library (odplib/ for creating Impress files. Now with Python 3 support!


To build and install this Python package, you will first need to build/install lxml, docutils, pygments, and PIL. After you have done this, follow these steps:

$ python install

Usually it is run like so:

$ rst2odp path/to/rstfile.rst output.odp

(use --traceback -r 3 for debug)

Styling is supported with the --template-file switch, just pass it an .otp template file.


  • ☑ Image scaling
  • ☑ Support for background image per slide
  • ☑ Support for no title (transition directive)
  • ☑ Enumerated list
  • ☑ Simple animations
  • Fix enumerated lists separated by "n..n"
  • Auto resize textframes/(images too?) as they are added
  • ...


This project was started by and continues to be led by Matt Harrison.