RT1 - bistatic single scattering radiative transfer model

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pip install rt1==2.0


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RT1 - bistatic scattering model for first order scattering of random media

The package implements a first order scattering radiative transfer model for random volume over ground as documented in Quast & Wagner (2016) and Quast, Albergel, Calvet, Wagner (2019)

The documentation of the package is found here. (Note that the documentation is still under construction.)

Overview of the RT1 python-module structure


  • 🏞️ rt1.volume and rt1.surface

    • a collection of useful surface- and volume scattering distribution functions
  • 🔨 rt1.rt1

    • generic implementation of radiative transfer calculations for a random volume over ground

    • symbolic evaluation of first-order interaction contribution estimates

  • ⚙️ rt1.rtfits

    • a flexible interface to perform parameter estimation from incidence-angle
      dependent backscatter-timeseries via non-linear least-squares fitting routines.

    • integrates with a set of pre-defined plot-functions and interactive
      widgets that can be used to quickly analyze the obtained results

  • 🚀 rt1.rtprocess

    • a versatile interface to setup and run parallelized processing
  • 📑 rt1.rtparse

    • a configparser to set up processing-routines via .ini files


Any usage of this code is subject to the following conditions:

❗ Full compliance with the license (see LICENSE file) is given
❗ In publications or public presentations, credit should be given to the authors by:

  • citing the references below ✔️
  • pointing to this github repository ✔️


For a basic install, the following line should be fine:

pip install rt1

In order to get a significant speedup in the symbolic computations and enable NetCDF functionalities, it is recommended to install the module with the optional dependencies symengine and xarray by using:

pip install rt1[full]