Runs a mdao_config.json with OpenMDAO

pip install run-mdao==0.4.1


pip install --upgrade

Parallel Execution

.\venv\scripts\nosetests fmu_wrapper.test

On all nodes:

Use the same file paths on every machine. Optional: put a Python virtualenv and PETSc on NFS.

  1. Prerequisites:

    apt-get install -y libmpich-dev mpich2 libmpich2-dev mpich2python python-dev build-essential libblas-dev liblapack-dev moreutils wget
  2. Also need PETSc:

    tar xzvf petsc-3.6.2.tar.gz
    cd petsc-3.6.2
    make all
    export PETSC_DIR=$(pwd)
    echo export PETSC_DIR="$(pwd)" | cat - ~/.bashrc | sponge ~/.bashrc
  3. Get the OpenMDAO and run_mdao repos (using the branches above) and set them up.

  4. Add all hosts to /etc/hosts (or otherwise enable hostname resolution)

  5. Install dependencies

    Optional: apt-get install libatlas-dev
    pip install mpi4py petsc4py
    pip install testbenchexecutor
    Optional: pip install openmdao-couchdb-recorder
  6. Install XFOIL or whatever is needed

  7. Run sshd and enable private key authentication from the root

    apt-get install -y openssh-server
    /etc/init.d/ssh start
    cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
On root machine:
  1. Create a hosts file containing IPs and number of cores, e.g.:
  2. In the 'output' (generated) folder execute:

    PYTHONPATH=...run_mdao/.. mpirun -f hosts -n {total-number-of-processes} python -m ...run_mdao/