User-friendly running pace calculator

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pip install running==0.1.1


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A flexible but user-friendly running pace calculator as a command line tool.


$ pip install running


Call running with two of the three arguments pace, distance or time, and it will calculate the missing one for you.

$ running --pace 4:30/km --distance marathon 
Ellapsed time: 3:09:53 [H:]MM:SS

You can also just use the first letter of the argument names:

$ running -p 4:30 -d marathon

Note that distance unit for the pace was omitted, defaulting to kilometer. This can be changed with the unit (-u) parameter as follows:

$ running -p 8:00 -d 10km -u miles
Ellapsed time: 49:43 [H:]MM:SS

You can also directly specify the units for the pace:

$ running -p 6min/mile -t 1hour
Travelled distance: 16.09 km
$ running -d half-marathon -t 1:45:00
Required pace: 04:59 /km

The tool is quite flexible in terms of the valid expressions for the arguments, see running --help for more examples.

Ever wondered how fast Usain Bolt would run a marathon?

$ running -p bolt -d marathon
Ellapsed time: 1:07:22 [H:]MM:SS