Marbles diagram generator

marbles, rx, diagrams, reactive
pip install rxmarbles==0.2.6



This is yet another marble diagram generator for documenting Reactive Extensions sources and operators.


  • generating SVG graphics files from a simple text description
  • unlimited number of source observable and operator lines
  • support for multiple characters long values
  • support for grouped (buffered) values
  • support for observables of observables (2nd order)
  • adjusting starting point of a timeline with number of . characters at the beginning of a timeline
  • easier visual adjustment between timelines in source files with white spaces in timeline
  • scaling dimension of a default SVG view box for generated diagrams
  • auto-colouring marbles representing identical values
  • generation multiple diagram images from a single file (batch mode)


The recommended installation is to get it installed from PyPI repository:

pip3 install rxmarbles

The marblesgen executable will become available from the command prompt.

Running without installation

You can run the generator without installation, from the source code tree, e.g:

python3 -m rxmarbles --help


A simple text file (foo.txt) with a marble diagram can look like this:

marble foo_example
	source a:     +--A-B--C-#
	operator foo: +--1-2--3-|

To generate SVG image out of it, you can run:

marblesgen foo.txt 

This will produce the following diagram:



To run this marbles diagram generator, you need Python 2.7.x or 3.x with pyparsing module installed.

The generator's code is fairly platform agnostic and can be used on Linux, Window, Macs and possible other platforms that have proper version of Python installed.

Unit tests

All unit tests for the generator are located in tests sub-directory. They can be executed from top-level project dir with:

python3 -m unittest discover tests/



Available under MIT license.

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