Command line tool for uploading resources to S3

python, s3, aws, upload, binaries, resources, boto3, uploader
pip install s3-uploader==0.0.6


S3 Uploader

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Command line tool for uploading resources to AWS S3.

This is part of Onfido's team blobs store project.

The purpose of this tool is to upload and manage the versions of your project's dependencies that later could be resolved by the complimentary tool the dependencies-resolver.


$ pip install s3-uploader

How to use

Example for using the tool to upload a resource

s3-uploader -b my-s3-bucket -f my_big_blob -l path/to/blob/in/other/project

Or you can upload to a specific location in S3

s3-uploader -b my-s3-bucket -f my_big_blob -p path/to/file/in/s3 -l path/to/blob/in/other/project

Get the project

  1. Clone the git repository
$ git clone https://github.com/onfido/s3-uploader
  1. Install a virtualenv
$ sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv
  1. Create a new virtualenv
$ virtualenv s3_uploader_ve
  1. Install project's requirements
$ s3_uploader_ve/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt

Reporting Issues

If you have suggestions, bugs or other issues specific to this library, open an issue, or just be awesome and make a pull request out of it.