sandesh - a simple app to send messages on slack

pip install sandesh==0.3.2


+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |s|a|n|d|e|s|h| +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

sandesh (संदेश) in Hindi means message. This is a simple python library to send messages to Slack using webhook urls.


You can install the bleeding edge version of this library by doing:

git clone
cd sandesh
python install

Or from pip:

pip install sandesh


Using sandesh is very easy.

First of all you need a webhook. You can either keep this webhook as environment variable: SANDESH_WEBHOOK Or you can send it in the send function: sandesh.send(msg, webhook="XXXXX").

I like to keep it as environment variable so that I dont accidently push it to GitHub ;)

You can send a message to the provided webhook by doing:

import sandesh

loss = 0.15
msg = f"Training loss was {loss}"

sandesh also supports dictionaries, OrderedDict and defaultdict. An example for OrderedDict is provided below:

import collections
import sandesh

log = collections.OrderedDict([
        ('training_epoch', 5),
        ('loss', 0.08)

If you want to go fancy, take a look at custom messages for slack. You can create your own custom message and send using:

import sandesh

# data = Fancy slack json
sandesh.send(data, use_raw=True)

This is a simple app that I use to send me notifications of my training processes from home workstation or AWS/GCP machines.