A RESTful api libary with support for django

pip install savory-pie==0.4.11


#Savory Pie

Savory Pie is an API building library, we give you the pieces to build the API you need. Currently Django is the main target, but the only dependencies on Django are a single view and Resources and Fields that understand Django's ORM.

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Note: it's recommended that you use ujson over the built in json library due to increased performance

    pip install savory-pie

Installing for Django

    pip install django_dirty_bits >=
    pip install Django > 1.4

Local Development Environment

It is highly recommended to use a virtualenv

    pip install -r requirements.txt
    pip install -e .

Running Tests


Running Tests Coverage

    python --with-coverage
    coverage report -m  # To check the %
    coverage html

Updating PyPi (to whom it may concern)

Build a release (e.g. dist/savory-pie-0.2.0.tar.gz), then upload via the PyPi website.

python sdist
its a pie, mate

        ---                       ---
    -.UU   UU.-     _____     -.UU    UU.-
   -UU       UU.------------.UU         UU-
   -U   ``                       ``     U-
    ~Uu  ```                   ```   uU~
     ~u                              u~
      '       ()            ()       '
       '           / "" \           '
      ~            |    |            ~
       ~           \    /           ~
       ~             ''             ~
        ~          /-----\         ~
          ~~~                  ~~~