Easily access the Seatgeek API in pure Python

api, SeatGeek
pip install scalpyr==0.0.1


#Scalpyr - Get SeatGeek API info fast in pure Python

Scalpyr provides a thin wrapper around the SeatGeek api.

Current supported endpoints are

  • events
  • performers
  • venues
  • taxonomies
  • recommendations

Scalpyr also provides some convenience functions for retrieving ticket urls from SeatGeek. Note that this loads the SeatGeek page and scrapes the urls so it may stop working at any moment.

#Install Install from pip

pip install scalpyr

You can just clone the git repo and run

git clone git://
cd scalpyr
python install

#Using Scalpyr

Scalpyr can be passed a dev_key on instantiation, otherwise it will access SeatGeek anonymously.

#Get event info!

from scalpyr import Scalpyr
seatgeek = Scalpyr()
request_args = {"": "NY"}
events = seatgeek.get_events(request_args)


  • Add more examples

Author: Michael Anzuoni, and Cezar Jenkins @emperorcezar for SpotHero