Utilities for traversing and transforming data structures

dict, list, path, dot, notation
pip install schleppy==1.1.22



Utilities for traversing and transforming data structures

reach(source, pattern, [options])

Insipred by Hoek.reach

Converts an object key chain string to reference

  • options - optional settings
    • separator - string to split chain path on, defaults to '.'
    • default - value to return if the path or value is not present, default is None
    • strict - if true, will throw an error on missing member, default is False

A pattern including negative numbers will work like negative indices on an array.

If pattern is False-y, the object itself will be returned.

from schleppy import reach

pattern = 'a.b.c'
source_obj = {'a' : {'b' : { 'c' : 1}}}

reach(source_obj, pattern) # returns 1

pattern = 'a.b.-1'
source_obj = {'a' : {'b' : [2,3,6]}}

reach(source_obj, pattern) # returns 6

transform(source, transform, [options])

Insipred by Hoek.transform

Transforms an existing object into a new one based on the supplied obj and transform map. options are the same as the reach options. The first argument can also be an array of objects. In that case the method will return an array of transformed objects. Note that options.separator will be respected for the keys in the transform object as well as values.

from schleppy import transform

source = {
    'address': {
        'one': '123 main street',
        'two': 'PO Box 1234'
    'title': 'Warehouse',
    'state': 'CA'

result = transform(source, {
    'person.address.lineOne': '',
    'person.address.lineTwo': 'address.two',
    'title': 'title',
    'person.address.region': 'state'
# Results in
# {
#     'person': {
#         'address': {
#             'lineOne': '123 main street',
#             'lineTwo': 'PO Box 1234',
#             'region': 'CA'
#         }
#     },
#     'title': 'Warehouse'
# }