A set of utilites to make developing scripts simpler and easier

pip install sdu==0.0.1


Script Development Utilities

An API for accelerating script development and generalizing tedious tasks.



From PyPi

  1. Run pip install sdu or sudo pip3 install sdu

From source

  1. Clone this repo: (put github/source code link here)
  2. Run pip install . or sudo pip3 install .in the root directory


See API documentation (

Additional Documentation

API documentation can be found at

Development-Contribution guide

Installing development dependencies

There are a few dependencies you will need to use this package fully, they are specified in the extras require parameter in but you can install them manually:

nox   	# Used to run automated processes
pytest 	# Used to run the test code in the tests directory
pdoc3	# Generates API documentation

Just go through and run pip install <name> or sudo pip3 install <name>. These dependencies will help you to automate documentation creation, testing, and build + distribution (through PyPi) automation.

Folder Structure

A Brief explanation of how the project is set up for people trying to get into developing for it


Contains all the first party modules used in sdu


Contains tests to be run before release

Root Directory Contains all the configuration for installing the package via pip.

LICENSE: This file contains the licensing information about the project. Used to create a changelog of features you add, bugs you fix etc. as you release. Used to configure various automated processes using nox, these include;

  • Building release distributions
  • Releasing distributions on PyPi
  • Running test suite agains a number of python versions (3.5-current)

If anything to do with deployment or releases is failing, this is likely the suspect.

There are 4 main sessions built into the noxfile and they can be run using nox -s <session name> i.e. nox -s test:

  • build: Creates a source distribution, builds the markdown docs to html, and creates a universal wheel distribution for PyPi.
  • release: First runs the build session, then asks you to confirm all the pre-release steps have been completed, then runs twine to upload to PyPi
  • test: Runs the tests specified in /tests using pytest, and runs it on python versions 3.5-3.8 (assuming they are installed)
  • docs: Serves the docs on a local http server so you can validate they have the content you want without having to fully build them.

.gitignore: A preconfigured gitignore file (info on .gitignore files can be found here: