Python wrapper for Apple Search Ads APIs

pip install search-ads==0.2.4


Apple Search Ads Python API

Install instructions

  1. Install the library with pip, running pip install search_ads
  2. Go to: and download the certificates
  3. Unzip the certificates
  4. Create in the root of your Python project a text file called .env as follows:
SEARCH-ADS-PEM='<pem certificate full path>'
SEARCH-ADS-KEY='<key certificate full path>'

Alternatively you can set environment variables or use the set_env function as shown in the last example of this page.

What can you do now?

  • Edit Campaigns attributes
  • Edit AdGroups attributes
  • Edit Keywords attributes (*)
  • Add / Pause (*) keywords
  • Work with reports (campaign, adgroup, keywords, search terms)
  • Create a Campaign
  • Create an Ad Group

(*) Note that editing keywords / removing keywords / removing campaigns operations are not allowed by the search ads v1 api. Where implemented they are implicitly translated as pausing the old keyword and creating a new one.

Objects & methods quick ref:

  • SearchAds
    • get_campaigns
    • get_campaigns_by_name
    • get_campaign_keywords_report
    • get_campaign_searchterms_report
    • get_campaign_adgroups_report
    • get_campaign_report
    • create_campaign
  • Campaign
    • pause
    • activate
    • get_ad_group_by_name
    • save
  • AdGroup
    • pause
    • activate
    • save
  • Keyword
    • pause
    • unpause
    • prepare_for_bulk_export

Campaigns, AdGroups and Keywords have various properties that you can edit. If you want to save all the changes done inside a campaign (including on its adgroups) simply call save(cascade=True) on it.

As always, when in doubt type help() or on any object you want to know more about

Sample usage

from search_ads import SearchAds

api = SearchAds("MyCompany")  # Our company account
campaign = api.get_campaigns_by_name('MyCampaing')[0]
ad_group = campaign.get_ad_group_by_name('Brand') = 'change my name!'

ad_group.default_cpc_bid = '0.05'  # Amounts are strings

ad_group.keywords[0].text += "ss"
ad_group.keywords[0].bid_amount['amount'] = '0.6'  # Equivalently:


from search_ads import SearchAds

api = SearchAds("MyCompany")  # Our company account
campaign = api.get_campaigns_by_name('MyCampaign')[0]


     adGroupId        adGroupName  avgCPA  avgCPT  bidAmount  conversionRate  ...
0      123456  Generic Keywords     0.0     0.0       0.05             0.0
1      123456  Generic Keywords     0.0     0.0       0.05             0.0
2      123456  Generic Keywords     0.0     0.0       0.05             0.0

Create a campaign, an ad group and add a keyword

from search_ads import SearchAds
from search_ads import Campaign, Keyword, AdGroup

api = SearchAds("MyCompany")  # Our company account

campaign = api.create_campaign(
    campaign_name="fb test", # Campaign name
    ad_group_name="fb adGroup test", # AdGroup name
    app_id=284882215, # This should be a valid ID, this is facebook
    automatic_keywords_opt_in=False, # True if you want apple to choose keywords for you
    default_cpc_bid=1, # Default CPC bid in dollars (can be a float)
    budget=100, # Total budget for the campaign
    daily_budget=100 # Daily budget for the campaign

ad_group = campaign.ad_groups[0]
        adGroupId = ad_group._id, # The id of the AdGroup
        text = "facebook", # The keyword text
        status = "ACTIVE", # Is the keyword active or paused?
        matchType = "EXACT", # Is the match broad or exact?
        bidAmount = {"amount":"1","currency":"USD"} # Bid amount object

Advanced Usage and Synchronization

This library also offers ways to programmatically set the certificates and to batch-downloads reports (using time windows) to a local cache that can be later used for further analysis

from search_ads import SearchAds, DataBase
from search_ads import set_env
from search_ads import Keyword, Campaign, AdGroup, SyncManager

import pandas as pd
certs = {
    "SEARCH-ADS-PEM": "<path-to-your-pem>",
    "SEARCH-ADS-KEY": "<path-to-your-key>",

with set_env(**certs):
    api = SearchAds("MyCompany")
    s = SyncManager(certs)
    for campaign in campaigns:

    # Let's apply changes that won't be immediately written to the APIs
    for campaign in campaigns: = 'pippo'  # Probably you don't want to do this..  # We are committing the changes to a local storage

    # Now it's time to write all our changes to our search ads account

    # Let's now work with reports, downloading hourly data for all of our campaigns,
    # search terms, keywords and ad groups.
    db = DataBase()
    # This will take a while as it stores locally all the report data
    api.store_reports(campaigns, db)

# Let's find the daily average CPA per keyword over time
# Note that we have hourly data about this so we resample by day and average
df = db.reports[campaigns[0]]['keywords']
df.index = pd.to_datetime(df['date'])
df.groupby(['keyword', pd.TimeGrouper('D')])[['avgCPA']].mean()

And read/play with the DataFrame in output.