SecurePass tools

pip install securepass==0.4.5-dev


SecurePass public CLI tools

The tools for accessing SecurePass from command line. These utilities use the SecurePass public APIs to manage identities.

More information on the APIs here:

Note: For OS X, ensure you have the following while compiling pycurl: export PYCURL_SSL_LIBRARY=openssl

This program is released under GPLv2 See LICENSE file for details

Configuration file

Configuration only for cli tools should be placed in: /etc/securepass.conf /usr/local/etc/securepass.conf or securepass.conf in current local directory. For an example check out securepass.conf.example

Django Backend

The Django backend for SecurePass RESTful APIs authenticated and sync information from SecurePass (first name, last name, e-mail) each time, so that information is up to date. Also state of enable/disable is reflected in is_active, so that the user is automatically disabled.

Note: we do not handle staff at this time. For future that will be reflected into groups.

The following settings have to be put into


SP_APP_ID = <<SecurePass APP ID>>
SP_APP_SECRET = <<SecurePass APP Secret>>


SP_ENDPOINT = <<endpoint if different from default>>
SP_AUTOCREATE_USER = <<True/False, autocreate user if not in database>>

Put securepass-tools in installed apps


Put the django authentication backend